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That I even can imagine a meal from such a geographically distant culture (accurate or not), and in less than an hour can purchase the ingredients and prepare it is incredible. Even just 30 years ago it would’ve been challenging to put it together so quickly.

November 11, 2018

I had a chance to help out in New Bern, North Carolina. Here’s one of the stories from that time.

October 18, 2018

The standard Lando WordPress recipe is very bare bones. Here’s some additions that you might want to add right away to start getting the most from Lando’s feature set. mailhog — this service will capture all the emails from your local install so you can test as much as you need and you’ll never have […]

May 10, 2018

Video coming soon, Here’s the slides (probably hard to make sense of without the video). And some tweets about the talk: Couple WordPress with other systems, and use each system for its strengths. Data modeling may be better handled with a framework such as Laravel. @nullvariable at #LoopConf — K. Adam White (@kadamwhite) February […]

February 22, 2018