The Cone Family

Merry Christmas!

December 25, 2020Greenville, South Carolina

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Parcel 2 – Inline CSS/JS

I’ve been tinkering with Parcel for a small mostly static html project recently, and I spent quite a bit of time trying to chase down how to inline the main CSS file into the final html page. Parcel is a bundler for JS/CSS/HTML. It’s is really cool, and I found, mostly easier to grok than […]

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Use Gatsby Develop with Lando

Lando is my preferred local development tool for many reasons. I’m tinkering with Gatsby, and would like to run it from within Lando, adjacent to my WordPress install. Here’s what I did to get it working. You’ll need a node service, and you’ll have to tell gatsby to bind to allow network access, vs just […]

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IFTTT Pro After Dark

I wanted a light to turn on only after sunset, and before sunrise, so here’s how I set that up. IFTTT doesn’t have good tools for showing you what’s going on in the code so this took some trial and error, and a decade’s worth of JavaScript knowledge, but this solution should be copy/paste for […]

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Musings From the Beach

Two related thoughts. First, early walks on the beach means there are no obstructions, people, beach blankets, umbrellas etc. Distant piers appear only a short walk away, but with nothing but sand to mark the space, seem to take forever to reach. Second, looking at ones feet while walking through the surf is a good […]

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