Hacking WordPress Screen Options

**Warning, Nerd Alert. Code Samples Will Follow** As a developer I notice things about the WordPress interface that a lot of people overlook. One feature that’s pretty awesome to have is the ability to show/hide different columns and meta boxes on various screens. Here’s some of those options on the “Add Post” screen:   A… Read More

Making the Connection

When I was fifteen I had the opportunity to go on a missions trip to Hermosillo, Mexico. As we spent the week helping a small church build a new building, we got to experience a great number of really neat things. Having only taken a small amount of high school Spanish, I found it really different… Read More

WP Phone Home

I’ve been working on a project running WordPress off of a Raspberry Pi. It’s a pain to carry another monitor, hdmi cord, etc around with me and once the Pi is plugged in it doesn’t need much. I can do what I need to do with just SSH access. Only trouble is some networks that… Read More

The Cat Door Window – Phase One

Update: State of the Cat Door/Window in 2015. Recently I grew tired of letting Monki, our cat, in and out of the house. I wanted her to be confident that she could come inside whenever she wanted, especially when we aren’t home and it gets cold. I also did not want to replace or modify… Read More

2012 in Review

Facebook has a cool feature that let’s you see your year in review but it really didn’t capture it all for me. So, here’s the highlights of my year, as I see them, no algorithms needed. I guess it really didn’t seem that busy at times but it really was quite a year. Just in… Read More

Cell Phone Security Tips

Today I did a story with WSPA on things that you should be aware of with your cell phone. In this day and age of smart phones the risk of identity theft is much greater than it has ever been. On WSPA.com: Key Steps To Prevent ID Theft From Your CellPhone

Greenhouse Project

Lately I’ve really wanted to invest in more sustainable solutions in various parts of my life. One of those areas is in the food that Kristi and I eat. Along the way of doing a lot of research I began to learn about aquaponics. Aquaponics is basically the comination of aquaculture, or raising fish for… Read More

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