Hello World, from Noah and Amelia

We were finally able to catch our breath a bit today 🌪️ We figured having twins would be challenging, but we really had no idea. First, thank you all for the many offers of help, the prayers, and the meals. It’s pretty tough for us to accept help because we’re usually trying to give it. We’re learning our limits and trying to get better at slowing down and letting other people know what we need.

Kristi is recovering well after her emergency c-section and I’m finally getting enough sleep to feel mostly myself again.
And now for the part you really care about 🤣😂 the twin update. We don’t know when they’ll be able to come home. We’ve been told that it’s different for every kid, but to expect they will be there until their due date (early January). Amelia will need longer than Noah for sure but otherwise we don’t know anything else yet.

Noah is eating like a champ, downing every last drop that they allow him and begging for more. He got to get off of his IV today, and wear clothes for the first time.

Amelia had surgery yesterday to relieve her tummy issues and is doing much better. She’s amazing the Doctors at how well she’s recovering, and we’re excited to see her getting better.

We are so grateful 🙏 for God’s sovereign hand being at work through all of this. We’re also thankful for our families and friends who have all pitched in, in so many ways to help us through this crazy time.

Update (12/16)

Both babies are doing great, and we’re excited for a few new milestones. Today was the first time that Kristi was able to hold Amelia, her ventalator and another line were able to come out yesterday so that was a real blessing. Also, grandma had a chance to hold Noah, who might be able to come home by Christmas! Related pictures follow:


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Posted: 3 years ago

Updated: 3 years ago