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The SEP and sustainable business models

Endowments have been something that I’ve thought a lot about over time. This recent article on Quartz started me thinking about them again: “This free online encyclopedia has achieved what Wikipedia can only dream of.” Essentially SEP is a project to amass a resource that is authoritative in a way that Wikipedia cannot be. What […]

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Cat Door/Window Update

This is the current state of the cat door/window project. I had several upgrades that I wanted to get done to enhance it, but I’ve not had the time to invest and it was working well for our needs. Since I built it two years ago ( it’s served the needs of three cats quite […]

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How Lyft could beat Uber

Uber is arguably a juggernaut. They’ve grown like crazy and attracted a lot of press (not always for good things). They’ve raised nearly $6 billion(!) and are now in 55 countries. Lyft has ‘only’ raised $862 million and they’re in just 60 cities around the US. I’ve used both services several times and I’ll likely […]

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view from the inside

The Cat Door Window – Phase One

Update: State of the Cat Door/Window in 2015. Recently I grew tired of letting Monki, our cat, in and out of the house. I wanted her to be confident that she could come inside whenever she wanted, especially when we aren’t home and it gets cold. I also did not want to replace or modify […]

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2012 in Review

Facebook has a cool feature that let’s you see your year in review but it really didn’t capture it all for me. So, here’s the highlights of my year, as I see them, no algorithms needed. I guess it really didn’t seem that busy at times but it really was quite a year. Just in […]

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