Cat Door/Window Update

This is the current state of the cat door/window project. I had several upgrades that I wanted to get done to enhance it, but I’ve not had the time to invest and it was working well for our needs. Since I built it two years ago ( it’s served the needs of three cats quite well and allowed them to bring quite a few ‘gifts’ for us to find in the house. One of the must haves next time around is a lock system for keeping them from dragging extra critters in.


The round pole that I bought was not ground contact rated or even outdoor rated and so over time it just rotted through at ground level. I did pour a small amount of cement around the base in hope that would mitigate this issue for longer but it seems that it had little effect. For now I’ve stacked some firewood up and part of the pole to get it high enough for Alf to use it. I’m probably going to rebuild it (if at all) using a 4×4 outdoor treated post and a proper ground contact footer. I found that the cats didn’t really care for the spiral pattern even though the visual effect is cool. They often would just use the edges and climb straight up or down it. The next design will probably take this into account and be more ladder or step like instead of spiral staircase.

Here’s the original cat Door/Window project.

2 Responses to “Cat Door/Window Update”

  1. M. Latanski

    Lovely design! It’s obvious you love your cats. Is there an enclosure that the stairs lead to? Just wondering since I noticed the woods behind you. I’m sure you are aware of the horrendous risks your outdoor kitty is up against. Especially coyotes and raccoons. I’m a cat rescuer and see this stuff all the time. You are so talented and I think you could easily put together a simple enclosure. I have several stray cats that lived for years outdoors and have acclimated beautifully to my enclosure that is attached to the side of my house. Good job!

    • nullvariable

      Thanks for your concerns. We do lock the cat(s) in at night for their safety. Our cats are quite capable of taking care of themselves and we prefer to let them outdoors to stay healthy and active.


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