As a kid, my parents limited my computer time (I needed limits!), but I loved writing code so much that I filled many notebooks with handwritten code so I could input it later to see if it worked the way I expected. My first internet coding gig with The Navigators was while I was still in high school.

I spent many years in sales and marketing but continued building websites and applications. It had long been one of my dreams to own my own business. For several years I lived that dream. Running my own business helped me develop greater drive and self-motivation. As I learned more about business, I grew to understand my own limitations and the value of a great team.

Today most of my work involves product development and implementation. I love building things based on research and making data-driven decisions. I thrive in a team environment that embraces rapid iteration and an entrepreneurial spirit. My unique experiences operating a business and programming help me to better understand how to balance business goals and technical challenges.

I like to talk (just ask my friends!), and so I often speak at events and conferences. I enjoy communicating complex topics to diverse audiences. One of my demos is infamous for having caught fire shortly before a talk. I also consult with local news organizations on internet and security stories. Most often I can be found doing talks related to the open-source projects I use or contribute to.

I’m a CERT-trained first responder, and I frequently volunteer with Samaritan’s Purse, a disaster relief organization. I’ve been to more than a dozen disaster sites and experienced the aftermath of tornadoes, hurricanes, floods, and fires. I’ve run chainsaws, metal saws, and spent many hours in hazmat gear pulling out soggy carpet or sifting ashes. I’m serious about helping people who’ve gone through events like these and take every opportunity I can to go and help.